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Bree Olson/Rachel Oberlin says that despite leaving Charlie Sheen’s side for the second time in as many months, she’s still one of the “goddesses.”

It’s just a temporary leave of absence to tend to a personal matter.

Bree returned home to Fort Wayne, Ind., for a court hearing stemming from a February arrest for DUI. That’s it. She’ll be back by his side soon.

Sheen and Richards
(Getty Images)

Olson and marijuana magazine model Natalie “Natty” Kenly are accompanying Sheen on his “Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option” tour.

Having temporarily left Sheen once before, rumors began flying that Bree bolted from the Warlock for good this time. But she quickly debunked that.

“I am 100 percent still one of Charlie’s goddesses,” said Rachel Oberlin, whose “stage” name is Bree Olson, in case you were getting confused.

Glad all is well in the land of #winning. Amazingly, Sheen’s odd setup with Olson and Kenly may be more stable for his kids than living with Brooke Mueller.