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Charlie Sheen took his live tour to Radio City Music Hall last night.

And while the reception was not nearly as vitriolic as the one he received while bombing in Detroit, fans didn’t exactly give the actor a Cleveland-like standing ovation, either.

Taking the stage a few hours after allegedly sending Denise Richards a threatening email that said he’d continue to bash her unless she returned his canine, Sheen donned Yankee attire during his set and was greeted warmly at first.

Sheen and Richards
Photo via Getty Images

But things quickly turned sour, as he referred to Richards as a “dognapper” and was booed when he said he had quit drugs. (Seriously, people?!?)

Aside from the usual drivel, Sheen did make news by actually inviting Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre to his next performance and making it clear he wants to return.

“Of course, I want my job back so you guys can keep watching the best f-cking sitcom in the world,” he told the crowd, many of whom had already left at this point, the show ending 30 minutes prior to its original schedule.

We just wanna assure Charlie of one thing: he has nothing to worry about. We’re gonna keep watching Modern Family no matter what he does.