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Bristol Palin isn’t merely famous because she got knocked up by Levi Johnston as a teenager. She’s also rich, earning more than $262,000 in 2009 alone.

How, you ask? In her role as a spokesperson for teen pregnancy prevention.  

The former Dancing With the Stars finalist became an ambassador for The Candie’s Foundation in 2009 at age 18, a few months after son Tripp was born.

It’s been as lucrative a gig as it is a ridiculous one, according to reports.

Janson Moore

Ahhhhhmmmm rich!!!!!!!!

The foundation’s website says Bristol Palin “plays an important role by helping other teens understand the incredible challenges teen parents face.”

The daughter of Sarah Palin helps do this by “encouraging them to wait until they are socially and financially independent to start their families.”

Bristol is still working for the organization.

An admirable cause, but is Bristol a good advocate? Airing re-runs of Teen Mom would be simpler, more effective birth control. Those girls are messes!