The Pulse: Who was UnGleeful This Week?

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Glee is on hiatus until April 12. But a couple random celebrities have given fans of this Fox series a couple things to buzz over during the break.

First, Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl went off on the show, echoing the sentiments of King of Leon and a couple other artists that have taken exception to creator Ryan Murphy's insistence over all bands giving the show rights to their music. Grohl cursed a lot in his assessment of this stance.

Then, former SNL cast member Victoria Jackson reacted to a male-on-male kiss by accusing to Glee of pushing an agenda of "one-way tolerance." We've summarized both feuds in this edition of The Pulse...

It's double poll time, readers.

How do you feel about Dave Grohl's reaction to Glee?

Does Victoria Jackson have a point?

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