Mel Gibson: Booked, Fingerprinted, Released

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Troubled star Mel Gibson turned himself into the El Segundo, Calif., Police Department to have his mug shot taken and fingerprints collected Wednesday night.

This was a mere formality.

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As part of his conviction for misdemeanor battery, in connection with Gibson's alleged January 2010 attack on Oksana Grigorieva, Mel had to be processed.

Mel was stoic in court last week.

Mel's no contest plea got him off with no jail time, although a festering legal war with Oksana will likely escalate over time for a number of reasons.

The criminal case against Gibson is closed, however. Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Mel a week from his sentencing Friday to go to a police station.

Mel went to the El Segundo PD last night at 9:30 PM PT. The information he gave includes his age, 55, his weight, 190 lbs, and his height, 5'10". 

So far, no new additions to our celebrity mug shots gallery have been released, but you'll see them as soon as we have any (they may not leak).


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