Brad Womack to the Rescue in Local Panic Attack

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Brad Womack is used to giving people panic attacks. It was only fitting that he helped somebody through one with a 911 call this morning in Texas.

After witnessing a man having severe anxiety (seriously) in a park near his home, Brad dialed emergency responders, who arrived to treat the guy.

After Brad made the call, EMTs arrived on scene to treat the man. Womack and his twin brother Chad tended to the man until paramedics arrived.

Brad WHOA-Mack

A smile like that could diffuse any situation ...

The panicked fella man transported to a nearby hospital in Austin, where he is being treated for a non-life threatening medical condition. Phew!

A rep from Austin-Travis County EMS originally reported that the ambulance was sent FOR Brad Womack, but it turns out that was not the case.

Would have made this story a lot funnier, but not the case.

Brad selected Emily Maynard as his bride-to-be last Monday on The Bachelor season finale. They are still together for now ... but will they last?

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