American Idol Live Blog: Top 12 Women Perform

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A night after the American Idol men took the stage, and THG live blogged the impressive vocals of Jacob Lusk and company, we're back!

As the top 12 women sing for your vote, join in below with comments, refresh often for updates and let's see how the female fare...

8:03 The crowd seems especially jazzed for the judges. It can't be due to J. Lo's sparkly one-shoulder monstrosity of a top, though.

8:04 We're going straight from 24 to 12. Five men. Five women. Two wild cards. Tomorrow night's results show? Gonna be tense.

8:07 Ta-Tynisa Wilson kicks us off with Rihanna's "Ony Girl (In The World)." Certainly takes confidence to go with this sexy single. Ouch. She sounds very much off key, struggling to hold the final note. Steven and Jennifer simply say she did a "good job," but neither says it very convincingly. Randy "didn't quite get it" and J. Lo cuts him off again.

Tatynisa Wilson Does Rihanna
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Pia Toscano on Stage

8:15 Naima Adedapo designed her own dress. That's pretty cool. Going with "Summertime" by Ella Fitzgerald, Adedapo moves well on stage, smiling and engaging the audience. J. Lo goes first this time, calling her an "exotic flower in a rose garden." Steven says he takes Adedapo "personally," which sounds like an insult. But he means it nicely.

8:19 Talk about setting the bar high: Kendra Chantelle chooses "Impossible" by Christina Aguilera, while I refrain from making a joke about whether she got wasted prior to the performance. Randy starts with an apt Lauryn Hill reference. The judges are really into the comparisons with other singers this season, aren't they? J. Lo finds it "amazing." We mostly agree. Definitely one to watch.

8:27 Rachel Zevita sheds a witch-like cape prior to getting into Fiona Apple's "Criminal." She's trying a bit too hard to come across as edgy, sauntering down behind the judges' table and remaining deadly serious. Steven says it's "too Broadway" for him and then remains silent when Zevita that's the only genre she's never sung. J. Lo thinks it was the wrong choice, Randy straight up says: "it wasn't good."

8:31 Karen Rodriguez breaks into Spanish for Mariah Carey's "Hero." Interesting choice. Would I be considered cynical if I said it comes across as pandering? Let's hear the judges' take: a series of "wows" from J. Lo. Randy is right that she made the song her own, while Steven sees her as "one of a kind" and we learn that Karen and Lusk are BFFs.

8:40 It's time for Lauren Turner. She breaks out an Etta James classic, "Seven Day Fool," which draws vigorous nodding from Randy. Fun song choice, fun performance. We get another comparison: Amy Winehouse meets Florence and the Machine. Seems appropriate. Very solid all around.

8:49 Ashthon Jones sings "Love Over Me" by Monica while wearing the largest ring in Idol history. All three judges love it, praising her look, confidence and sound. She's Diana Ross, Randy screams out.

8:58 Julie Zorrilla takes a major chance, covering a single by the original champion, Kelly Clarkson. Can the Eva Mendes-lookalike do justice to "Breakaway?" Not really, according to J. Lo, who questions the sincerity of Zorrilla wanting to break away. Once again, Randy says a contestant didn't bring anything original to the rendition. We've gotta agree.

9:01 We hear again how Haley Reinhart wants to be a "visionary" all over the world. Lofty goal, followed by a high bar: "Fallin'" by Alicia Keys. Steven and J. Lo loved it, but we're with Randy: you need to really mix up such a classic song or else you'll be compared to the incredible original.

9:10 Thia Megia takes the opposite approach, going with a song from Fame: "Out Here On My Own." It's strong, simple, quiet, nothing showy. Steven gushes over her perfect pitch, while J. Lo and Randy also loved it, although the latter goes overboard with the latest comparison: Michael Jackson.

9:14 It's time to go country with Lauren Alaina. Like Reba McEntire before, Lauren wants us to "Turn on the Radio," clearly having fun with the performance. The judges are full of praise and we're on board the Alaina train, despite the odd reference to Ryan as "Peaches."

9:23 We close to the show with a song covered many times before: "I'll Stand By You." Did Pia Toscano make it her own? The judges think so, standing in unison at the conclusion of a powerful performance. It's their first standing O of the new season.

Our top five from the night:

  1. Pia Toscano
  2. Lauren Turner
  3. Thia Megia
  4. Ashthon Jones
  5. Naima Adedapo

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