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Perhaps the most interesting part of The Bachelor Monday, as we noted in our official recap, was the final three minutes … a preview for future episodes.

Basically, for reasons unknown, some of The Bachelor spoilers we’ve been reporting for weeks now were confirmed in this teaser for the rest of the season.

Does heartbreak await Brad Womack in Anguilla, on his hometown dates, and finally in South Africa? Skip ahead to the 6:30 mark and watch it unfold …

The Bachelor: Week 5 Rose Ceremony and Spoilers

The most telling clip? Chantal O’Brien telling Brad she didn’t feel special as "one of three," and that he might as well send her home right then and there.


She’s wearing the same clothing she was shown wearing moments earlier in a scene alongside … well, you can watch it or choose to remain surprised.

Also, Emily Maynard expresses some doubts about taking Brad to meet her daughter Rickie. Might this support the theory that she breaks Brad’s heart?

Only time will tell. Who do you think should win?