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Monday’s episode of The Bachelor featured a dreaded 2-on-1 date, some emotional outbursts, a faux dominatrix and the most lopsided date of all time.

The fifth week of the season felt a bit like filler, or at least like its sole goal was to build tensions and feelings for the final few weeks when it really gets good.

That said, there were memorable moments, good and bad. How did it all play out? Who stayed and who left? Let’s break it down in THG’s classic +/- recap!

Amazing that a NASCAR-themed date was selected.

Shawntel gets the rose on the first solo date, and it’s well-earned. The embalmer doesn’t get the PR, but she seems very nice and down-to-earth. Plus 9.

Emily Maynard goes on a group date in which they go to a NASCAR track to take laps. Emily’s late fiance was a race car driver. Minus 14, Mike Fleiss. Cold.

She handles being jerked around with such grace, though. Plus 10, and Plus 5 more, because Brad seems to empathize and care for her very genuinely.

You have to wonder, though. Will their interactions become less stiff, or will the baggage she brings (in this setting no less) ultimately spook Brad? Minus 4.

Obligatory Plus 3 for her racing jacket.

“We all have issues. Just because somebody comes in with the worst story means they get the most attention?” – Ali. Yes, sweets. Chris sees to this. Minus 6.

Michelle Money is psycho. Hot, sure, but bona fide crazy. Curious to see how long being bossed around by a dominatrix wannabe appeals to Brad, but Plus 7.

Michelle Money on The Bachelor

“I don’t need him to say much when we’re together.” – Michelle. She makes a valid point. All you need is a sexual spark. Worked for Jake and Vienna. Minus 8.

Cue the scared Brad eyes. Always a treat. Plus 4.

Chantal O’Brien is a front-runner for a reason – she’s normal, honest, not an airhead and really cool – but that’s a double-edged sword at times. One of those times? Dropping the L-bomb on Brad and trying to gloss it over. Too soon. Minus 9.

“Emotional is one thing, dramatic is another.” – Brad. So true. Plus 3.

Can Ashley H. or Chantal OHH possibly stop Emily?

“I’m a huge Cirque du Soleil fan.” – Brad. LOL. Sure Brad. Give the man credit, he’s become very media trained and skilled at reading all the cue cards. Plus 5.

Has there ever been a true toss-up in a 2-on-1 date? It was obvious Ashley H. would beat out Ashley S. The latter was nearly crying before it began! Minus 7.

Brad to Ashley S.: “I think you’ll make an extraordinary wife. I just don’t think you’ll make an extraordinary wife for me.” Burned. Good line by Chris H. Plus 4.

This episode just wasn’t that important, a fact driven home by the teaser at the end, which basically gave away the final three. Yes, we know The Bachelor spoilers have hinted that it would be these three, but come on ABC. Minus 15.


ROSE RECIPIENTS: Alli Travis, Ashley Hebert, Britt Billmaier, Chantal O’Brien, Emily Maynard, Jackie Gordon, Michelle Money and Shawntel Newton.

OUT: Ashley Spivey, Marissa May, and Lisa Morrisey. (Who?! Minus 2.)