Presenting: The Rules According to JWoww!

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Jenni Farley cleans up nice.

Who? You may know this voluptuous babe as JWoww from Jersey Shore, and you are definitely used to seeing her in fewer articles of clothing.

But here she is, makin' the media rounds, signing copies of her new book, The Rules According to JWoww, at a Borders Book Store in NYC:

Nice-Looking JWoww

We haven't read it (sorry) but we're totally going to in a couple of years when this work of brilliance finally comes out in paperback. So no spoilers here.

That doesn't mean we can't guess, however. Here are a few Rules According to JWoww we think should be mentioned in the dating guide/memoir ...

  • A stiff drink in one hand and a fistful of Sammi Giancola's fake ass weave in the other is a surefire sign of a good night.
  • Before embarking on major plastic surgery, never let your boyfriend take a set of before-and-after nude photos of you.
  • Do not be afraid to sound the grenade whistle.
  • The ocean is salty for a reason. Do not go in.
  • Don't leave the accounting to Snooki.

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