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Oksana Grigorieva walked away from a huge settlement offer by Mel Gibson last spring because she felt the actor was “bluffing.” At what? Well, it’s unclear.

The actor’s estranged ex told her lawyer she wanted to see “where the chips might fall” in court unless Mel was stripped of some custodial rights with Lucia.

Moreover, she was sure Gibson was “bluffing” and claimed she was forced to sign a $15 million peace deal “under duress” from her own legal advisors.

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According to Radar, Oksana Grigorieva sent Eric George the following emails:

“If the opposition is buying my silence, please, we have to renogitiate (sic) the castody (sic) portion and to secure the monetory (sic),” she wrote June 2.

“If they say “No” then Im (sic) prepared to loose (sic) all this money they are paying to me and I WILL go court, see where the chips might fall.”

“I’m NOT scared anymore and I’m NOT bluffing. I’m pretty sure the other side was bluffing. He (Mel Gbson) doesn’t want this publicity.”

By this publicity, she means the Mel Gibson tapes. Funny how those got out.

Her e-mails, texts and documents which provide new insight into the hardball negotiations that took place behind-the-scenes in the pair’s legal battles.

The Los Angeles District Attorney will decide as soon as this week whether to charge Gibson with domestic violence and Grigorieva with extortion.

As you’ve likely ascertained, the case is very complicated and no decision has been made by the D.A. on whether to charge either, neither or both.

Grigorieva’s declaration that she would risk it all to “see where the chips might fall” could serve as the crucial evidence required to exonerate her.

Gibson has charged that she concocted an elaborate extortion plot to fleece him of millions, in exchange for suppressing his vulgar phone rants.

While those recordings paint him as a deranged madman, evidence that a crime was committed by either is questionable at best. Stay tuned.