Steven Hirsch, Vivid Entertainment Closing in on Octomom Real Estate Deal

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As we reported recently, Steven Hirsch, the CEO of Vivid Entertainment, is taking his pursuit of Nadya Suleman to a new level, looking to buy Octomom's house.

The $450,000 note is currently held by Amer Haddadin, who has threatened to kick her ass out for falling behind on mortgage payments every single month.

Hirsch, who has long sought to "begin a relationship with Octomom," i.e. get her to star in porn, is meeting with Haddadin to get "specifics of this situation."

THE NEW LANDLORD? Give Steve credit for persistence at least.

Hirsch has made numerous job offers to Octomom in the past and she's turned them all down, saying she will not demean herself with adult film making.

We're not totally sure what Steve has in mind here, but can say with a reasonable degree of certainty he wants to own the home to gain some leverage.

Hey, Nadya. Don't worry about the mortgage this month ... it's on me, as long as you show off the girls, and I'm not talking about your daughters.


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