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Snooki and JWoww are, like, total BFFs, as last night’s Jersey Shore proved. They’re so tight, MTV wants them to film a spinoff pilot – this weekend!

The pilot episode will be shot in Long Island over the weekend. There’s no special hook to the potential new show, it’s just JWoww and Snooki solo.

Sort of like the Kardashians and their 19 spinoffs. It’s a bit odd that MTV even wants a pilot. They sort of know what to expect from JWooki, no?


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This would be the second proposed spinoff of Jersey Shore, which is reportedly airing a fourth season as well. A Pauly D spinoff has already begun filming.

No word yet what Jenni and Nicole will be doing in the pilot, but we would bet a fair amount that there will be a lot of bronzer, boobs and buff dudes. Sweet.