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Montana Fishburne put on a show for the private investigator her dad hired to follow her around, faking a suicide attempt just to f*%k with the guy.


Last August, Montana’s dad, Laurence Fishburne, was so concerned about her that he had a P.I. follow her. Apparently Montana got wind of it, too.

Sex tape star Montana Fishburne knows about putting on a show.

The investigator shot video of Montana drinking what appeared to be bleach, but it turns out she faked that whole charade just “to put on a show.”

This came up in the ongoing criminal assault case against Montana, whose lawyer claims it illustrates her troubled mental state. Not a big stretch.

Shawn Chapman Holley wants to get a plea deal that involved rehab, not jail time, for Montana after she beat the crap out of her boyfriend’s ex.

The prosecutor agreed to the deal, but has since disavowed it and wants her to do time, claiming that the video was a stunt of a different kind.

The prosecutor argues that the fake suicide attempt was “a ploy by the defendant to manipulate the People to offer a more lenient sentence.”

Shortly after sending the video to the prosecutor, Holley learned it was fake and told the prosecutor everyone had been duped, including her.

Holley is asking the judge to enforce the original deal, which is rehab and no jail. The prosecutor is steadfast about NOT honoring that deal.