Michelle Money: Current Bachelor Hopeful, Former Carlos Boozer Mistress!

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Brad Womack came to the defense Michelle Money following this week's episode of The Bachelor, calling the season's resident psycho a "remarkable woman."

Apparently Carlos Boozer shares that opinion of her.

Michelle Money's affair with the then-married NBA star is the subject of an article in the new issue of Life & Style, with the 30-year-old confirming the story.

Money Shot

SHOW HIM THE  ... sorry, the puns are literally endless.

Salt Lake City resident Money says she met the Chicago Bulls power forward in Salt Lake City in 2009, while he was still playing for the Utah Jazz.

At the time, Boozer was still married to wife Cindy, also known as CeCe, with whom he has three kids. The couple filed for divorce in March 2009.

According to reports, however, they attempted a reconciliation shortly thereafter and did not actually terminate their marriage until August 2010.

In other words ... baller was playing with house Money. So to speak.

Money admits to Life & Style that "what I did was wrong," but insisted she thought Boozer's marriage was over at the time of their love affair.

"I should never have been so naive to assume what I was told was true," she said. "I'm not trying to shy away from the fact that he married."

"I don't put that on Carlos. I don't put that on anyone but myself."

Money, who has a 5-year-old daughter named Brielle, feels "terrible for CeCe for that pain she's had to go through and that I am a part of it."

"All I can do is try to do better with my life," she said, although as we discussed in our Bachelor recap, that may not be going all that well.

"I screwed up. But I can only try to do the best I can."

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