Katie Holmes is a Strung-Out, Drugged-Up Mess, Tabloid Claims

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Pity Katie Holmes.

She's been trying to leave Tom Cruise for, like, almost as long as they've been a thing. She just can't quit that crazy Scientologist. What gives?!

Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. At least if you take Star's word for it ... and how CAN'T you!? Look at the photo of her below! What a MESS!!!!

Gotta be strung out, right? It couldn't just be a shot of her looking tired at the airport without makeup or something like that ... no way. None.

Katie Holmes Drug Shocker!

ADDICTION NIGHTMARE: Now we know why she stays. It all makes sense.

Is this meant to imply that Tom actually drugs Katie into submission, or is he just her hookup for the really high-grade heroin and cocaine she loves?

Guess we'll have to pick up a copy at the grocery store to learn the real details.

NOTE: We will not be buying this or any Star issue in any way, shape or form.


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