JWoww Nude Pictures: Blocked By Judge Again!

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Sorry, Tom Lippolis. Your naked photos of Jersey Shore star JWoww will remain under lock and key, at least temporarily, after a judge's ruling late yesterday.

A New York judge ruled that JWoww's (Jenni Farley's) ex-boyfriend has no legal right to distribute the images he's been threatening to sell for weeks now.

This upholds a previous ruling temporarily blocking Lippolis' moves.

Her lawyer argued that the JWoww nude photos he has were taken sans consent as she was "under effects of pre-surgical and post-surgical anesthesia."

JWoww Bikini Photo

Lippolis has argued that it was her idea and that JWoww was "always a willing participant and always gave consent" to the series of naked images.

He also claimed that releasing the photos wouldn't harm JWoww's reputation, since she had previously "expressed her desires to pose in Playboy."

But for now, the judge sided with JWoww, which means the pics must stay off the market for the time being. We know you guys are so pissed.

The case is scheduled for arbitration (seriously), where a final decision on the pictures will be made. You can bet both sides are lawyering up.


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