Jenny McCarthy on Paul Krepelka: Blind Date Gone Well!

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When Jenny McCarthy, who co-hosted ABC's Rockin New Year's Eve, kissed a man next to her in Times Square at midnight, some viewers thought a total stranger had received the shock of a lifetime.

But Paul Krepelka knew better. He had been dating Jim Carrey's ex for about four weeks at the time.

Jenny McCarthy Cover (Playboy)

During an appearance on Ellen that will air today, McCarthy opened up about her new boyfriend.

"He was my 5th blind date," Jenny said. "I told everyone I know, 'Please, I can't pick them. As a friend, find me a man.' So the first blind dates were these really bizarre dudes that were like, 'Do you know Sharon Stone?' And I'm sitting on a date going, 'Well, I know of her. I've seen her in movies.' 'Well, you think you can get an autograph?' I'm like, 'Oh my god.'"

Krepelka is a sports agent who resides in Boston, meaning he and McCarthy have to make like Up in the Air and meet in both cities to "make it work," she says.

Has her six-year old son met Paul yet? No.

"Evan is on the strictest VIP meet and greet, which is like 6 months," McCarthy says. "I don't have guys meeting him on a cycle. That boy is very important to me."

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