Insider: Camille Grammer All About Money, Money, Money

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With Camille Grammer taking her public barbs against Kesley Grammer to new, immature levels, friends of the sitcom star are finally speaking out on his behalf.

"There's a lot more to the Camille/Kelsey tale than what's being reported out there," a source spills to E! News. "Their marriage was over years before he met Kayte [Walsh]."

But didn't Kelsey completely abandon Camille and the couple's children?

"Think about it," this insider says. "If you let your husband go off and live in New York for a year, as is portrayed on the show, and you never went to visit him, can you really blame him for straying? It takes two to break up a marriage. She's played the 'Kelsey cheated' card enough."

Tragically, the actor had "given up on love," this acquaintance claims, concluding of Camille:

"She was all about money, money, money the entire time they were married. His marriage was just like another business venture, but then he met Kayte and fell for her right away."

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