Bristol Palin Speech Canceled Amid Washington University Student Protests

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Bristol Palin's sex life is a common topic of discussion on celebrity gossip websites. Washington University students don't want to hear about it, though.

At least not in person, for a hefty fee.

Bristol Palin: New Face

The Dancing With the Stars finalist was dropped from a planned February speaking engagement at the St. Louis college following student protests.

Bristol Palin, who got pregnant at 17, was invited by the Student Health Advisory Committee to talk abstinence during Student Sexual Responsibility Week.

But after the student body protested the use of student-generated money to fund her reportedly several thousand dollar fee, her appearance was called off.

"People are angry because of the opposition to Palin's lack of expertise and the high cost she charges," said student Philip Thomas, who started the protest.

Fellow undergrad Ryan McCombe started a Facebook page to protest the speech and gathered several harsh comments about the daughter of Sarah Palin.

"Bristol Palin rose to fame on none of her own merits," wrote one student. "She has absolutely zero credentials in this area, and costs a ton of money."

Added another, "I mean, is Bristol honestly going to get up there and say that she was trying to make a baby and lay back and thought of England?"

"Or will she say that she had sex, without understanding the steps to be taken in order not to become pregnant?" said another anti-Bristol student.

Student advisory president Scott Elman said that the decision for Palin not to appear was "100 percent mutual" between her and the committee.

Hey, at least her new boyfriend will be there to comfort her.


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