Gosselin Kids Tell Classmates Santa Doesn't Exist; Jon Gets Some Angry Phone Calls

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First the rage issues and now this. They're just six years old, but the Gosselin kids are accused of playing Grinch and spoiling Christmas at school.

"The kids don't believe in Santa Claus, and they're telling other kids at school that there is no Santa Claus," a close friend of the family said.

The Great Kate Gosselin

Children as young as six were told that "your parents are lying to you," causing Kate and Jon Gosselin to receive calls from stunned parents.

Just because Kate's hair is whack doesn't mean you have to out Santa.

"Jon has received angry phone calls from parents because the children actually told others that 'your parents are lying to you,'" the insider said.

Hey, at least the dude's got a job now ... cut him some slack.

Denying a report that two of her eight children were expelled from school, even though they were Kate this week admitted their anger issues.

The Kate Plus 8 star revealed that she and the school "mutually agreed" to take the pair out of school, and they're studying with a private tutor.

While no one's saying which of the Gosselin kids spilled the 'Santa secret', the confidant revealed that they were told to go along with it now.

"The kids are too smart at this point, but they are sweet about it and go along with it... and the Easter Bunny too," said the family source.

How festive. Wonder if they leave out moldy food for Santa.

Whether they believe in Santa or not, it won't be stop the gorgeous kids from having a Merry Christmas at both their mom and dad's homes.

"Kate gets even years and Jon gets odd years. So this year, Kate has the kids on Christmas Day and Jon will have them on Christmas Eve."

"The kids will probably also get to open presents on Christmas Eve if Jon's mother says that's the plan. His mom has the final word on that."

That explains so much.

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