Conclusion to Breaking Dawn: Revealed?!?

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POSSIBLE HUGE SPOILER ALERT: We may know how Breaking Dawn concludes.

Because the final installment of The Twilight Saga will be broken into two parts, producers had to find a way to break up the films in a suspenseful manner. According to someone who read the script and then spoke to a Robert Pattinson fansite, writers have come up with a way to do just that.

Breaking Dawn DVD Cover

The Volturi will confront the Cullens in a bloody, climactic scene that is described as follows:

Alice touches Aro. When she touches him, he ’sees’ what will happen if he continues his course. So, the first person whose head comes off is Carlisle. In the vision. Then everything goes to sh-t and all kinds of dying happens. And Bella and Edward kill Aro. Bella and Edward, they die too. All these other people die, too. Jane and her brother. Lots of deaths on both sides. Then the [Volturi] guy snaps out of it, says he’s sorry. Everybody makes up and lives happily ever after.

No fantasy sequence of this kind takes place in the book. However, as mentioned, the movie must come up with a way to conclude one half of Breaking Dawn and transition into the final movie.

Might this rumored scene accomplish that goal? You tell us. How does it sound?

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