Celebrity of the Year Finalist #4: The Jersey Shore Cast!

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With 2010 drawing to a close, it is with much pride that THG unveils its 10 finalists for its prestigious, Fourth Annual Celebrity of the Year award.

These stars all gave us their best, their worst, their nude pics (sometimes) and their scandals (often). This month, THG honors that greatness.

After the Kardashians kame in at #5, we present an even more useless group as our Celebrity of the Year finalist #4 ... the Jersey Shore cast!

Snooki-Angelina Fight

Love 'em or hate 'em, they left their mark in 2010.

We know. They are idiots. You can spare the "what a bunch of losers with no future and bad values" bit, because we f*%king know. Maybe that's the appeal.

You can argue how undeserving they are of fame and fortune all day long, and you won't be wrong. But doesn't that apply to many "celebrities" nowadays?

In terms of raw impact on popular culture, few have had the impact of this gang of guidos and guidettes, who rose from obscurity to household names.

Say what you will about this talentless, attention-starved crew - and, Lord knows, we will until they finally go away - but Jersey Shore's success can't be denied.

Like the Kardashians, Snooki, JWoww and The Situation embody the celebrity gossip culture of the 2000s. And to top it off, they can actually be pretty funny.

More Jersey Shore quotes have become part of the lexicon this year than we can even count (or like to admit). Snooki was the year's top Halloween costume.

You may hate them, but it's a love-to-hate kind of hate.

At least to some degree, they are in on the joke at this point. They are getting paid to party and sleep around, which they would do anyway, and loving life.

Hilarious, depressing and astounding at the same time, five million people tune in to watch their over-the-top antics because, deep down, we can all relate.

Maybe not to cat fights, stints behind bars or the constant threat of STDs, but to crashing with our friends, cracking jokes, and living it up as young adults.

With a new season kicking off next month (check out the Season 3 trailer), here's a tribute to some of the year's top moments provided by these characters:

Eff Off
Guys Suck!
Awwww How Sweet
Season 2 Jersey Shore Cast
Ronne Reads The Letter
Snooki, Situation Photo
Pauly Goes Kanye
Paul D
Vinny G
JWoww Bikini Pic
Situation Pic
Snooki Mug Shot
Where's the Costume?
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