Amber Portwood Attack Footage From Teen Mom Under Review By Police

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Cops now have unedited video of the recent episode of MTV's Teen Mom where Amber Portwood beating the living crap out of her on-off fiance.

Acording to Anderson, Ind., police, who are investigating Amber for the attack on Gary Shirley, MTV turned the tapes over to officials this week.

Jenelle Evans, Jace

The network received a subpoena for any evidence of domestic violence after cops launched the probe following the recent Teen Mom episode.

This is pretty much angry Amber's permanent expression.

An altercation between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley got all kinds of ugly and ended with the latter being kicked and punched repeatedly.

The couple was also involved in an August brawl that resulted in a 911 call. They fight so much, it's unclear if this was even the same incident.

Amber, who has a history of anger issues, could face felony domestic violence charges if daughter Leah witnessed the altercation. Stay tuned.

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