Teresa Giudice Throws Down with Brother, Cameras Capture Chaos

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As previously reported, Tamra Barney and Jeana Keough got into a major fracas at a Real Housewives of Orange County wrap party on Saturday.

But these two weren't the only Bravo reality stars to pretend to fight for the camera this weekend.

According to Radar Online, Teresa Giudice attended the christening of her nephew yesterday afternoon, as hosted by her sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and her husband, Joey, both of whom will appear on The Real Housewives of New Jersey next season.

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Following the baptism, which Teresa attended alone, the Housewife brought husband, Joe, and the couple's four children to a post-church reception. With cameras now rolling, she went up to congratulate her brother - who reportedly rebuffed the offer, saying:

"Now you want to congratulate me after all this time? Now you want to be nice to me? Your husband didn't even come to the church and you show up an hour late!"

Teresa's husband soon stepped in and things got physical between him and Joey Gorga.

"Once again Teresa ruined a perfect day," said an attendee. "She took memories from the Gorga children and family, and took a day that was not about her and making it about her. And her husband is the crazy one who got up and started to start a physical fight."

Guests were screaming as the confrontation turned ugly, sources say. Punches and curses flew. Yelled Joe Giudice of his nemesis:

"I'll kill that f**king midget!"

Another guest says Teresa's dad grew so upset and sweaty that he had to be escorted from the premises, with many concerned about his health.

"Teresa's children Gia and Gabriella were hysterically crying," said the insider. "Melissa's daughter Antonia was also upset. Kids were running around crying, screaming and hiding."

But not the Bravo cameramen, don't worry! They remained in place, capturing all the action and likely patting everyone on the back afterward for following the script so perfectly.

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