Team Oksana: Bullied By Team Mel!

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Oksana Grigorieva has alleged bullying by Mel Gibson in the literal sense ... and much worse. Now her lawyer is accusing the actor of legally railroading her client.

Despite the fact that O.G. has or had at least 39 lawyers working for her in her legal war with Gibson, Lisa Bloom says Mel's armada works tirelessly to stomp her.

She's the one with statements every day saying Mel's a deadbeat dad, etc., while he says nothing. Just saying. But she says his war is waged behind the scenes.

A TRUE UNDERDOG: Oksana would like you to believe she is.

"Mel has a fleet of highly aggressive law firms fighting her at every turn, including one which calls itself a 450-plus lawyer business litigation firm - the largest in the United States devoted solely to business litigation," Bloom argues.

While the current war is over custody, child support and alleged crimes and not business litigation, "This is only one of at least four known major law firms behind the scenes, as well as publicists, marketers, and public relations agencies."

"Oksana Grigorieva is a single mother who's gone into debt fighting for justice."

At least 18 of Oksana's lawyers have submitted bills to the court totaling more than $1 million, and they've asked the judge to make Mel Gibson foot the bill.

Bloom says Oksana has had only "a handful" of different law firms in this case, adding, "Though occasionally other lawyers in their firms may have pitched in."

Bloom says, "It is totally false to say she's had 39 lawyers." 

A TMZ report listed all 39, and Bloom has not said which of the 39 she believes were not working on the case. Whatever. As always, we gotta ask ...

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