Spencer Pratt Releases Acclaimed Movie Trailer

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Tower 69: Malibu Beach Patrol Featuring 3-D Boobs. A classic in the making.

That's the name of the movie Spencer Pratt was filming during his fake estrangement from Heidi Montag. Yes, we're serious, even if we can't believe he is.

In a very unofficial-looking trailer, Pratt presents his magnum opus, which appears to star his friend Cougar Zank and contains some environmental themes.

At least we think so. It's hard to say much of anything conclusively ...


Spencer Pratt Biography

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag Kiss
The loathsome Spencer Pratt is a random dumbass who has gained celebrity gossip notoriety from being on The Hills as Heidi Montag's loser... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Spencer William Pratt

Spencer Pratt Quotes

Heidi Montag: Honey, I'm home.
Spencer Pratt: Oh, my favorite part of the day!

I would never watch that! I would rather throw up... but I know for a fact, and I would take a lie detector test.

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