Lindsay Lohan to Appear in Court, Beg For Mercy

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Lindsay Lohan will, at least in theory, obey the judge's order and appear in court Friday morning, TMZ reports. But the troubled star's fate there is still TBD.

Sheriff's deputies will be ready to take Lindsay back to jail, if necessary. But things never go as planned with Lohan, and this case is so weird ... who knows.

In any case, LL will leave Betty Ford Center - where she's been in treatment since Sept. 27 - to attend her probation violation hearing for a failed drug test.

Perplexed Lindsay

Hopefully Lindsay dresses like this for court. [Photo:]

A source claims Lindsay's legal team won't dispute the violation of probation (how could they, really) but hope Judge Fox will send Lindsay back to rehab.

Any interruption, they argue, would disrupt her treatment, as she "has come a long way" at Betty Ford. He could buy that. Or think ... what's the point?

Lindsay is ready and willing to stay in rehab for as long as Judge Fox wishes. If he does send her to jail, she'll likely get sprung ASAP due to overcrowding.

Once she's locked up, it's largely the call of the corrections office whether she's released early (and she always is). So rehab might be the best alternative.

What do you think? Back to jail for Linds?


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