Bristol Palin: Exhausted By Rumba, Life

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After a performance that left her in the bottom two with The Situation, Bristol Palin says she is physically and emotionally exhausted by trying to juggle her preparations for Dancing With the Stars and the responsibility of being a mother.

Somebody page Levi Johnston!

"Physically, it's exhausting. But I'm making it work," Bristol Palin told Extra after taking to the stage for a physical intimate rumba you can watch after the jump ...

Their score of 32 (out of 60, in the new scoring system combining both technique and performance) leaves them in serious jeopardy of her Dancing With the Stars run is to continue. Has Bristol just run out of steam in more ways than one?

Or will she show that fightin' spirit and bounce back? This girl is a warrior who's been through a lot, so if the voters give her a pass tonight, don't count her out!

Who are you rooting for on Dancing With the Stars?

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