Brad Womack: I'm Gonna Find a Wife This Time!

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Brad Womack is not playing around. This time he's in it to win it.

It being true love, marriage, and everlasting devotion to his wife.

The new/old star of The Bachelor says he's a different man than he was in 2007 when he nixed both DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft – and wants America to know it.

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It was a moment that has haunted Brad Womack ever since.

On The Bachelor's 11th season finale, he let both women go because he just wasn't feeling it. Widespread fan outrage followed, though ratings only climbed since.

ABC's controversial decision to bring him back to star in the coming 15th season doesn't faze him. "I've changed," he tells People. "I'm ready to meet someone."

Brad Womack admits taking another crack at love on reality TV may seem risky, and admits he was a "commitment-phobe." But he wants you to give him a chance.

In the three years between the infamous finale and becoming The Bachelor star again, he underwent "intensive therapy" to help determine "where I went wrong."

While he says he would stand by his convictions and potentially choose no one again, Brad says he is approaching things differently now, making that less likely.

He went to therapy to see "how I could fix myself, how I could change things I need to change ... I want to come home to a beautiful family and provide for them."

Are you glad he's going to have that opportunity?


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