Paris Hilton Accepts Plea Deal, Avoids Prison

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Paris Hilton accepted a plea deal and escaped with probation after her recent felony drug arrest in Las Vegas, but if she doesn't toe the line and abide by her probation terms, a stint behind bars could still be in her future, a la Lindsay Lohan.

The ho-tel heiress agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanors in her pending drug possession case, netting her a year of probation but no jail ... yet.

Hilton is scheduled to formally plead guilty Monday.

Hilton Milks It

Paris is off the hook, assuming she stays clean.

The socialite was arrested last month for felony cocaine possession after a bag of cocaine fell out of her bag and into the hangs of a police lieutenant.

Paris' boyfriend Cy Waits was being stopped for DUI at the time (he was arrested for that) of the cocaine discovery. She dubiously claimed that the purse was not hers, a really bad lie even by her standards that unraveled on Twitter.

After she and Cy Waits posed for hilarious mug shots, they were booked on their respective criminal charges. They're still together, though, not to worry.

Paris is pleading guilty to two misdemeanor charges: drug possession and misdemeanor obstructing an officer. Two consecutive six-month sentences in behind bars will be suspended and Hilton will be placed on year long probation.

This is no slap on the wrist, though. If Hilton is arrested during her probation, she will have to serve the full year in jail, according to the plea deal.

"Defendant agrees that an arrest for any charge, excluding minor traffic violations for which a citation is issued, shall result in the immediate termination of her probation and the execution of the suspended sentences," the deal states.

A minor traffic violation would be anything other than reckless driving or driving under the influence. So speeding and parking tickets are all good!

Hilton must also successfully complete a substance abuse program, pay a $2,000 fine and perform 200 hours of community service, according to the plea deal. The nature and location of the community service are TBD.

Clark County D.A. David Roger said, "We fashioned a resolution which would give us complete control over her future. If she does not toe the line and stay out of trouble she will do one year in the Clark County Detention Center."

"There are strict limits on her future conduct. We will not have to litigate whether she was convicted or if the charge was a major or minor offense."

What do you think? Did Paris get off too easy?


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