Nicki Minaj: Girls Wanna Hit This!

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Nicki Minaj, a 25-year-old rapper who has yet to release her debut album, is making a lot of headlines lately. First, it was because of rumors of her wedding to Drake (which didn't actually happen). Now, she says girls want a piece of that.

Because she empowers women, don'cha know.

Going Pink

"I started making it my business to say things that would empower women, like, 'Where my bad bitches at?' to let them know I'm here for you," she said.

"Then, I started going to shows and it was nothing but girls, it was like, 'Did I go too far with embracing my girls?' Now they want to kiss and hug me".

Minaj, regarded by many as being one of most promising up-and-coming female rappers, is known by a number of aliases, including Harajuku Barbie.

That name has drawn criticism, but Minaj, whose performance at the MTV Video Music Awards won raves, said, "It's interesting that people have more negative things to say about me saying, 'I'm Barbie,' than me saying I'm a bad bitch."


Nicki Minaj Biography

Drake and Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj rose to fame in 2010. The Trinidad and Tobago native released the album "Pink Friday" in November of 2010 and watched as it... More »
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Onika Tanya Maraj