Jennifer Lopez Deal With American Idol Official; Fox Accuses Media of Slandering Star

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It's a done deal: Jennifer Lopez is signing a $12 million deal to join to American Idol. What's unclear is how much of the negative publicity she's gotten is real.

Lopez has been the subject of intense media scrutiny with regard to a coveted spot on a rebooted American Idol panel, which also now features Steven Tyler.

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Her name first surfaced for the gig in late July, before a number of media outlets said the deal was dead due to alleged “diva” demands by the singer/actress.

Fox executives say those stories are largely works of fiction, planted by people with a grudge against Idol and people in direct competition with the reality hit.

Despite reports of J. Lo demanding way too much money and insisting on movie deals, TMZ reports that her negotiations have actually been "quite normal."

There is a movie component to the deal, as well other potential projects, but the centerpiece of the deal was always Idol and the diva angle was overblown.

Regardless, Kara DioGuardi is definitely out, leaving a Season 10 panel of Randy Jackson, Tyler and J Lo. Do you think that's a good American Idol lineup?

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