Michaele Salahi Barbie Doll Portends Apocalypse

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Michaele Salahi has been immortalized. Not as one of the most despicable, attention-starved individuals to ever grace our television set, although that's certainly the case.

But as a plastic action figure, one actually dressed in the same attire as Salahi wore to crash the White House.

Michaele, Tareq Salahi

The world's worst stocking stuffer is brought to us by HeroBuilders, the same company that has also produced dolls of Sarah Palin, Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin.

Nice to see that company setting the bar so high, isn't it?

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Michaele Salahi Biography

Tareq and Michaele Salahi
Michaele Salahi seems like a total waste of space. She stars on The Real Housewives of Washington D.C. She first rose to fame when she... More »
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Michaele Salahi