Michael Vick: Top Dog Again!

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The Philadelphia Eagles are starting Michael Vick at quarterback again this week. That warranted a borderline offensive headline from a local newspaper.

In case you had forgotten that Vick did time in prison for bankrolling and running a dogfighting ring, Philly's Daily News is here to remind you. Subtly.

As the Eagles' shot-caller come this Sunday, Vick is once again ...

Top Dog!

The Philadelphia Daily News channels their inner THG.

If Vick performs poorly against the Jacksonville Jaguars and ends up on the bench, will they use the headline DOGHOUSE? Or the more provocative PUT DOWN?

We almost wouldn't put it past them.


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Michael Vick is the troubled, former quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons of the NFL, and a former All-American at Virginia Tech. The man... More »
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