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Paris Hilton was charged with felony cocaine possession in Las Vegas last weekend, but her bull$h!t excuse may be hard to disprove thanks to an oversight.

Police did not give Paris a blood test when the ho-tel heiress was hauled into custody, which may provide a slight opening she needs to get out of prison.

A positive test for cocaine would make it impossible for the heiress’ defense – that the cocaine found in her purse did not belong to her – to hold water.

Carter Reum, Wife
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Police are not required to give a blood test in such circumstances because she wasn’t driving (her boyfriend Cy Waits was, and was arrested for DUI).

“Usually the police will not test for drugs if they’re not driving,” a legal expert said. “Paris wasn’t driving the car, so she wasn’t given any of the tests.”

Sources close to Paris say the search wasn’t even warranted.

“Paris doesn’t do coke, period,” an insider claimed. “Paris was sober on the night of the arrest. Cops had absolutely no right to search her at all.”

Paris’ arrest and the police search of the handbag were caught on security cameras, which may help her case that cops had no legal grounds to search her.

“It’s highly unusual that a passenger is removed from the arrest scene, and subsequently searched and then arrested in Las Vegas,” one insider said.

Regardless of any loophole(s), the Nevada prosecutor handling the case is unlikely to plea bargain, and is known for scoring high-profile legal victories.

District Attorney David Roger not only has a reputation for not doing celebrities any favors in his town, he’s up for re-election this fall. Look out, girl.

Still, Hilton’s defense – not having knowledge of the cocaine in the purse she was carrying – has worked with her two previous arrests, so who knows!

“What person who knew there was a controlled substance [on her] would knowingly open up her purse in full view of a police officer?” an expert questioned.

Hilton played the “not my purse” card again, and some say the claim “that she didn’t have knowledge and control of it … is actually a very viable defense.”

The charge carries a prison sentence of 1-4 years if the accused is convicted, though a plea deal could reduce the charge to a lesser offense. Stay tuned.