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It’s official: there are only two things bigger than Kendra Wilkinson’s breasts:

  1. The mystery surrounding how this Playboy centerfold is a best-selling author.
  2. The sales of her sex tape, Kendra Exposed.

According to Steven Hirsch, the Vivid Entertainment chairman, Kendra’s video has “surpassed our expectations.”

Horny men prefer an exposed Kendra to a raw Danielle. Surprising or expected?

“It’s our best-selling tape so far this year and could be one of our biggest-selling celebrity sex tapes of all time,” said Hirsch. “Kendra has millions of fans that love her. There’s no question that the real popularity of a star helps to sell a movie and, of course, it helps that she’s only 24 years old and beautiful.”

As for how the video compares to Danielle Staub Raw, the vomit-inducing sex tape featuring that Real Housewives of New Jersey star? Sales aren’t even close.

“Kendra’s sex tape has easily sold four times that of Danielle’s sex tape,” said a source. “It performed poorly, mostly due to the fact that she is not very likable.”

Ladies and gentlemen, we present the understatement of the century!