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Joe Francis has always seemed like a John Mayer-esque douchebag. But new legal document ratchet up the insults against the Girls Gone Wild founder to a whole new level.

As first reported by TMZ, 4th Street Media – the publishing company behind an upcoming tell-all written by Ryan Simkin, a former Francis employee Ryan Simkin – has filed legal papers in preparation of Francis’ attempt to block sales of Simkin’s book, “FLASH! Bars, Boobs, and Busted: 5 Years on the Road with Girls Gone Wild.”

Multiple sources have referred to Joe Francis as a rapist. It doesn’t get much more scandalous than that.

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The memoir outlines obnoxiously lewd stories about Francis and his associates, specifically their drug use and treatment of women.

Filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, the documents describe Francis as:

“Convicted felon; child molester; jail-baiting pervert; pimp; sick bastard; sleaze-peddler; tax cheat; rapist; sleazehole; the epitome of a true misogynist, coked-out amoral direct marketer; violent thug; juvenile smut-peddler; sexual predator; one of the 50 most loathsome people in America; and the Douche of the Decade.”

These allegations range from serious and severe to sarcastic and juvenile.

This is actually NOT the first time Francis – who has been in trouble with the law over tax evasion and assault, among other crimes – has been referred to as Douche of the Decade and/or a rapist. Gawker made similar claims about the loser late last year.

Francis has not responded to the book publisher’s statements yet, but he threatened to sue Gawker for $10 million. We have a feeling we’ll be hearing from him shortly.