Happy 90210 Day!!!

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Today is September 2, 2010. Or 9/02/10. Or... 90210 Day!

Across the nation, fans of Beverly Hills 90210 are celebrating this once-in-a-lifetime date and occasion, as it gives us reason to recognize one of the most iconic programs in TV history.

With reruns still airing on SOAPnet, and with ESPN.com columnist Bill Simmons recording a podcast today handing out show-related awards, the drama that went off the air in 2000 is still very much in the public consciousness.

Beverly Hills 90210 Cast

Where would the world be with Dylan's sideburns, Donna's fashion and David's music career?

The CW, of course, has spun-off the series off and created 90210 - but nothing compares to the original. Many of its stars remain in the news, as THG takes this holiday to catch up with many of its cast members...

Jennie Garth: Married to Twilight star Peter Facinelli. Was a recurring 90210 cast member during the remake's first two seasons. Competed on Dancing with the Stars.

Shannen Doherty: Also appeared on 90210 and competed on DWTS. Successfully transitioned to The CW's Charmed, but has seen career stall out since. Has been married twice, for a total of 14 months.

Brian Austin Green: The luckiest man in the world. Married to Megan Fox. Appeared last season on Smallville and will guest star this year on Desperate Housewives.

Ian Ziering: Starred on 24 episodes of Biker Mice from Mars in 2006-2007.

Jason Priestley: Guest-starred on this summer's Scoundrels. Welcomed his second child with wife Naomi last summer.

Luke Perry: Has guest-starred on a number of hit shows, from Criminal Minds to Leverage. Is divorced with two children.

Tori Spelling: Annoys the heck out of us on her Oxygen reality show. Feuded with her mother for awhile after her famous dad passed away. Likes to exploit children for money and attention.

How are you celebrating 90210 Day? THG staff members have pained on long sideburns and are taking turns pleading for Donna Martin to graduate.

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