Brittney Jones is a Serial Mistress

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This is almost as shocking as the fact that a Brittney Jones sex tape allegedly exists...

A source tells Radar Online that the woman who claims she bedded Ashton Kutcher came very close to breaking up another marriage when she worked for a property management company in Los Angeles.

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"She told me that she had slept with her boss and that he was married," this anonymous insider says. "She told me that his wife found out that they were spending time together after hours and so one night she followed Brittney home, confronted her and told her she knew everything."

Supposedly, this firm's owner has confirmed that he gave it to Jones, though he denies reports she was fired from her job.

"She quit on her own. She started wanting special treatment. She didn't want to be treated like my employee after [the affair]," he says.

The latest on Brittney Jones comes just a day after various friends claim that things will get a lot worse for Kutcher and Demi Moore before they get any better. What else could possibly come out?!?

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