Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore: How Bad Will It Get?

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Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore are putting on a united front.

In the face of infidelity allegations against the former, both sides of the couple have threatened legal action against Star Magazine and appear more content than ever during public appearances. Heck, they're even Tweeting photos of each other in bed. To wit:

But sources say there's friction between Ashton and Demi, not just over what Brittney Jones has claimed, but over other secrets that are yet to leak out.

"There is a lot more information to come out," a source tells Pop Eater. "If the two of them think this is all going to go away now that they have been seen together in public, they are mistaken. The floodgates have been opened."

How ominous.

Meanwhile, don't expect the tabloids to let up. An editor at Star makes it clear that his magazine will be dedicating all its resources to this story:

"[It's] generating huge buzz and it's only getting bigger. Now, Demi is on the cover of PEOPLE because of this scandal. If the sales numbers are good on Monday for Star and PEOPLE, you can bet more dirt will be dug up."

Do you think Ashton cheated?

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