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For months, Sarah Palin told journalist to leave her children alone. Now, Bristol Palin is making the media rounds, promoting her appearance on Dancing with the Stars and…

… nevermind. What’s the use at this point? If people can’t see the clear hypocrisy prevalent in every word out of this family’s mouth, we can’t help them.

But we can report on Bristol’s recent Tonight Show appearance, in which she dished on DWTS and Levi Johnston and came across as sort of charming. A few excerpts:

On changes in Levi: The guy I fell in love with was a hard-working Alaskan man that didn’t want to wear your straight-legged jeans and boots and be chased by Radar and those kind of people.

Is she upset over their latest break-up? I’m not disappointed. I’m not heartbroken… I tried to make it work for my son. It didn’t work.

On Johnston’s run for Mayor/reality show: Well, first he needs to move to Wasilla… and he needs to get his GED.

On her DWTS experience so far: I expected it to be hard work, but I’m so uncoordinated and don’t have any rhythm. We’re starting from scratch.


Bristol on The Tonight Show