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Will Mike Sorrentino go Dancing With the Stars?

That’s The Situation we’re hearing about today.

E! Online says it’s a “done deal” that the Jersey Shore star will not only be part of the new cast of ABC’s hit show, he’s the biggest “get” for the network.

“He’s going to be the Kate Gosselin of the new season,” reveals a DWTS insider. “Minus the fact that we think people on set will probably like him.”

LOL, source. Likely right on the money, though. The Situation quotes, unlike anything Kate Gosselin says, are actually funny, and if you can get past the false bravado and third-person references, dude is actually fairly tolerable.

The only downside? The Situation may have to put a shirt on.

Behind-the-scenes insiders predict that the Sitch will be the most-talked-about guy on Season 11 (“All eyes will be on Mike,” says our source) and that the reality star will be the biggest crowd-pleaser of them all (that’s a lot of hype).

As for his dancing skills? Does it matter, after Kate? “We’ll have to see, but we can’t wait to see what he pulls off. He’s going to be hilarious,” the source says.

Guess not!

As for other competitors, The Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky and/or her fiancé, Roberto Martinez, also may be on the show, but that’s not finalized yet.

Former NFL star Troy Aikman already blabbed that he’s joining the cast, and Brady and Audrina Patridge are also locked in, according to the E! insider.

What do you think? A good Situation for ABC?