The Situation Plays Up Underdog Status on Dancing With the Stars

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“The Situation has mass appeal.” - The Situation

The Season 11 cast of Dancing With the Stars was just announced and despite having little time to prepare, Jersey Shore's Mike Sorrentino isn't worried.

Because he’s still filming the MTV show, he’s not going to rehearse for a week. But being the underdog is a situation that doesn't bother The Situation.

Mike n' Pauly

The Situation (left, with so-star Pauly D) is going Dancing With the Stars. How will he fare against Kurt Warner, Rick Fox & Co.? [Photo:]

“I’m going to lose a couple days practice,” Sorrentino says. “But I don’t mind being the underdog. I promise to try my hardest and practice as much as I can and be the best I can be. I hope Situation Nation shows up to support me.”

That includes his Jersey Shore co-stars.

“I have a ticket or two reserved for Pauly D and Snooki,” says Sorrentino, who was nearly speechless when he was asked to dance on the hit reality show.

“It’s pretty unbelievable for me to be on one of the biggest shows on MTV to one of the biggest shows on TV,” he says, noting that he remains loyal to JS.

“There’s enough Situation to go around,” he says.

We'll see that first hand September 20 ... and cross our fingers that by some miracle, he manages to hit it with Bristol Palin. Using protection of course.

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