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She’s no longer The Bachelorette after an emotional finale, but if all goes according to plan in the coming months, Ali Fedotowsky will soon go by another name:

The Bride.

Hunky Roberto Martinez popped the question Monday night on ABC, and is apparently serious about making the Massachusetts native his wife in short order.

“In the spring, we’re thinking,” Ali said when asked about when she’d like to marry her new fiance, who she chose over the broken-hearted Chris Lambton.

While their wedding will likely be a big event – “Her mom wants like 700 people,” Martinez said – the couple already extended an invitation to a VIP guest.

We’re not talking about host-pimp Chris Harrison, either.

Asked by Jimmy Kimmel if they’d invite President Obama, who was not invited to Chelsea Clinton‘s wedding, Fedotowsky replied, “Absolutely, if they’ll come.”

We wouldn’t bank on that, but either way, it looks like a wedding actually taking place for these lovebirds is 20 times more likely than, say, Jake and Vienna.

Spending five days together for every 10 days apart while the show aired, because of demands of the show, their relationship evolved out of necessity.

“We played games,” Ali said of entertainment in sequestration. “We made up handshakes.” Roberto adds, “I learned how I’m supposed to eat popcorn.”

So there you go. Ali and Roberto are still together. But will they make it to the altar? The show’s track record is not good, but the pair is not worried.

“We have so much faith in our relationship,” says Fedotowsky. “Every day we tell each other, ‘You are my priority. We’re going to put each other first.’”

Will Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez last?