Paris Hilton Not Sweating Latest Drug Arrest

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Despite the serious penalties it could carry, Paris Hilton's cocaine arrest - her third drug bust in under two months - doesn't worry the ho-tel heiress one bit.

She was popped early Saturday for cocaine possession when cops saw her drop a bag of drugs from her purse, but she's "not worried about it," TMZ reports.

Paris just doesn't think the bust was a big deal, and why should she? She's, like, so famous. The bombshell wowed us soon after with a stunning mug shot.

ME, WORRY? I've got, like, 12 lawyers on retainer. Whatever that means.

It turns the pretty booking photo was no fluke. The celebrity sex tape trend-setter spent the previous afternoon getting glam at a luxe Las Vegas salon.

Hilton had her hair freshly highlighted for the night on the town, and posed for photos with stylist Boychuck. Who knew it would pay off around 2 a.m.!

Her arrest, like all DUI-related events, could have been avoided - more easily than ever in Paris' case. She was offered a ride earlier and declined it.

Alicia Jacobs, a Las Vegas entertainment reporter, tells E! News that after interviewing Hilton, she offered her a limo to use for the rest of the night.

Hilton turned it down.

"No," she told Jacobs. "My boyfriend [Cy Waits] will be driving us tonight." That he did - and Cy Waits ended up with a booking photo alongside her.

Hilton later thanked her fans for their support on her Twitter page. Good thing she has such a strong support system to rely on in a time of need.

Paris Twit

THG NOTE: We like her too, but you are tweeting Paris Hilton love and support after a cocaine arrest, you have serious problems and should probably get out more.


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