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Scandal-plagued Mel Gibson’s family has stood by him, but Oksana Grigorieva says two of the star’s sons have first-hand knowledge of his violent side.

William and Tommy Gibson may be keys to who is telling the truth in the custody battle and domestic violence investigation that divides Mel and Oksana.

The star’s ex-girlfriend accuses him of hitting as she carried their baby daughter, Lucia, in January, and that she feared for her life during his rampages.

An incident a month earlier may provide critical. According to Radar Online, Mel went into a tirade and threw a chair through a glass door in December.

Oksana, her mother, and Lucia cowered. William, one of Mel’s seven children with wife Robyn Gibson (who denies he was ever abusive) was also there.

Until now the identity of this alleged witness was not known.

A source tells Radar: “Oksana’s mother was downstairs at the time but apparently heard the screaming and commotion and immediately went upstairs.”

“After she saw Mel screaming at Oksana, she ran out and quickly returned with Mel’s son, William, who attempted to engage Mel in conversation.”

“William tried to talk Mel down from his tirade and engage him in a conversation while Oksana and her mom fled to a guest room with the baby.”

Earlier this week, Oksana alleged that she say Mel hit his youngest son Tommy at a hockey game at L.A.’s Staples Centre two-and-a-half years ago.

“Oksana said that approximately two-and-a-half-years ago, while Mel and Tommy were in her presence, Mel hit Tommy in the head,” said a source.

Investigators have spoken with Mel, Oksana and her son Sacha, 12, who was also a witness to the January 6 brawl and may have been hit by Mel.

Oksana wants the court to strip Mel of custody of Lucia. Police are investigating her claims of domestic abuse, and his claim that she extorted him.