LeBron James Wants Judge to Reject Paternity Suit

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LeBron James wants a judge to b!tch slap the lawsuit filed by the dude who claims to be his dad even harder than he did the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.

Sorry, that was rude. THG NOTE: We are not actually sorry.

This summer, just before LeBron's eye-gouging The Decision special, Leicester Bryce Stovell filed a $4 million lawsuit against LeBron and Gloria James.

We are all witnesses, all right. To a bogus lawsuit. And a d!ck move.

He alleges the NBA star and his mom committed fraud and defamation. LeBron and Gloria want a judge to dismiss the suit, labeling it "rank speculation."

According to legal documents, LeBron's lawyers scoffed at Stovell, who claims that as a 29-year-old lawyer, he got Gloria, then 15, pregnant with LeBron.

Team LBJ ridicules Stovell, "who never contributed a penny in child support" to the supposed child "he never gave a thought to" before he became a star.

Lawyers also note DNA test results showing "0% probability of paternity."

That's approximately the same chance of James, who has two children of his own with Savannah Brinson, being cheered outside but Miami this year.

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