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Laguna Beach, Calif., natives, longtime friends and reality TV stars Kristin Cavallari and Doug Reinhardt have crossed into new territory and are now dating.

That’s according to the always-reliable Radar Online, which reports that the couple took “their blossoming new romance” out on the town over the weekend.

On Saturday night, the two went to Voyeur nightclub in Hollywood.

“They were so cute, holding hands, smooching,” a fellow club-goer said, before they later took it up a notch: “At one point, they were actually making out.”

Kristin Cavallari and Austen Kroll Photo

Whooooa, actually making out?! Get a room, you two!

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Another source also confirmed that Doug Reinhardt and Kristin Cavallari, who grew up together, are now dating. In April, they went to the the Coachella festival.

At that point, Kristin was quoted laughing off romance rumors saying: “I’ve known Doug since I was 15 years old. Yeah, I saw him there, but not like that.”

Reinhardt, who briefly dated Lauren Conrad on The Hills before she dumped him for being really boring, recently broke up with ho-tel heiress Paris Hilton.

Doug has also been linked to Miss USA Rima Fakih and Miss World Lane Lindell. If he’s really with Kristin now, it’s both shocking and totally predictable!