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In his wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Conrad Murray, Joe Jackson claims Michael Jackson’s personal physician staged an intervention a week before he died.

Together with concert promoter AEG, Dr. Murray went to Michael Jackson’s home on June 18, 2009 for a “drug intervention,” according to the late icon’s father.

The significance of this? While it sounds like a good thing that they tried to help the star, Joe says it’s proof that Murray was reckless and over-medicated him.

Best Dancer Ever?
Photo via AFP/Getty Images

Joe Jackson is going after Dr. Conrad Murray in court.

The suit claims during the meeting AEG demanded Michael stop seeing the ever-present Dr. Arnold Klein, and “stop taking the drugs Klein gave to him.”

Klein, Michael’s friend, dermatologist, and rumored father to his children, and recently made headlines commenting on MJ’s gay affair with Jason Pfeiffer.

In any case, AEG was pissed at Klein, and wanted Michael to “take only the medications given by Conrad Murray.” But we know how that worked out.

According to the wrongful death suit, which has been filed in addition to the criminal charges (involuntary manslaughter) Murray faces, the intervention was intended to get Michael to adhere to Dr. Murray’s drug regimen so he could sleep.

AEG thought Michael was missing rehearsals because of chronic insomnia brought about largely, if not entirely, from medications from Dr. Klein and other doctors. 

The suit also alleges that in the days leading up to Michael’s death it was apparent he was getting weaker and weaker, at times even “drugged and disoriented.”

The long and short of it is that the intervention showed general concern over MJ’s drug use – and therefore proof Dr. Murray had no business giving him Propofol.

Dr. Murray knew he was playing with fire, Joe’s suit claims, although Murray is expected to counter that Michael Jackson killed himself with the lethal dose of it.

We’ll see how that defense holds up.